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"I like these moments when the textures weave the one with the others to become a single piece"



"You were never destined to be a visitor...Now is the time to be an art collector!"

Carole Jury portrait by Christophe Pouget


"Art keeps me alive"

 “ A painting needs to be made one’s own. It’s a kind of secret space where everyone can find one’s own personal refuge. Through painting, I feel anything is possible…The viewer can imagine anything and everything he wants. My reliefs and colors allow for countless interpretations.Then, the viewer will have made my painting his own. ” 

Daler-Rowney photo

Carole Jury is both a photographer and an abstract painter who combines the two medium of expression in her process, starting from photography and then transposing it to painting to create her series with poetic names such as La Vie en Rose, Time goes. Her signature resides in her broad textured strokes. Her work is exhibited in ternational major art fairs and galleries.

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