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B.K.King Collection
B.K.King Collection
B.K.King Collection
B.K.King Collection
B.K.King Collection
B.K.King Collection
2022_060_BBKing_oil on paper2

B.K.King is more than a Series, it's a Collection where many past Series are reused and reinvented. Through my different techniques, my colors panel, I gave my own interpretation of the wheel of life. So, each theme of the wheel of life constitutes a project.

B.K.King Collection


1. Ignorance

2. (Mental) Formations
3. Consciousness
4. Name and Form

5. Senses bases
6. Contact
7. Feeling
8. Carving
9. Grasping
10. Becoming
11. Birth
12. Aging and Death

In the art world, the evolution of a Series can often be as captivating as the collection itself. This feeling is especially true for my latest works entitled “B.K.King Collection”, a collection that goes beyond the conventional. It’s not just a Series; it’s a living tapestry of reinvention, where echoes of the past intertwine with brushstrokes of the present. It’s a story of diverse techniques, a unique color palette and interpretation of the complex wheel of life.


B.K.King is not limited to my time in Thailand, it is a collection that brings forgotten stories to life. Each brushstroke, each carefully chosen hue, adds new dimensions to the narratives that have already graced the canvas. It’s a harmonious blend of revisitation and innovation, where the threads of the past blend seamlessly into the fabric of the present.


For B.K.King, the color panel is a symphony of emotions, a language that transcends words. With each stroke, the shade intertwine and converse, creating a visual narrative that resonates with the soul of the viewer. This mosaic of colors is a call to travel through emotions, thoughts and perspectives.


At the heart of B.K.King is an in-depth exploration of the Wheel of Life. This exploration is a journey that unfolds through themes, revealing the complexities of existence. Each theme represents a project, a portal to a realm of contemplation and expression.


The wheel of life is not just a concept, but an invitation through time, themes, and endless depths of artistic interpretation. As the collection continues to evolve, one can’t help but be captivated by the reinvention, reinterpretation and unwavering commitment to exploring the multifaceted nature of existence.


Where past and present dialogue, colors breathe and the wheel of life keeps turning.

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