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Dark Sea
Dark Sea 1
Dark Sea 3
Dark Sea 4
Dark Sea 5
Dark Sea 6
Dark Sea 2
Dark Sea 7
Dark Sea
Dark Sea 8

"Carole Jury’s paintings give new life to the classic oil on canvas. Her Dark Sea series features paintings that are heavily layered to the point of abstraction. With the suggestion of the “dark sea”, images of a bleak stormy body of water quickly come to mind. But on their own, the paintings stand up as studies in layering and abstraction. The nervous energy of the brushstrokes and incredibly dark color palette suggest an immediately ominous feeling. The thick layers change the look of the paint, giving it a reflective, plastic quality. This treatment of oil paint makes Jury’s works worth a second look." by Anna​ ​Kamensky

NY-ArtNews | October 22, 2017

Dark Sea series

This Series is the journey in a mysterious and timeless landscape. The sparkles are born like snowflakes and magnify this calm space with dark appearances and bearing brightness at the same time.

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